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we_pimpin's Journal

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ray is the motherfucking answer
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we pimpin' Our community rolls into battle wearing cowboy Elvis glasses and tweaking on Ripped Fuel while hotwiring the comms with our mouths and winning at the debate team...while being high ALL THE TIME.

Our community thinks that thinking Rudy's hot doesn't make you gay; that Brad should have rolled into battle with a sword; that humping Walt's head is a economical substitute for therapy; that the war is about pussy and NAMBLA.
generation_killafter action reportgk_fanworksProfile Codes Our community has a constant sit-rep on JLo's status. Our community pisses in the sand and murders Avril Lavigne, wants to know where this weak-ass child is from, and only has uppers - no downers. We sucked an officer's cock to get these, we're blind as motherfuckers in our piece of shit NVGs and any day we don't have to use an AK is good.

Our community is on it like a motherfucker, Brad.

Our community would pop its zits to keep us all safe. Our community is on the Wal-Mart Wall of Heroes. Our community crosses the bridge at day time because doing so at night wouldn't be retarded enough. Our community would PLEASE BACK THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

In short, our community is the motherfucking answer.

by sharksdontsleep and queeniegalore

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